Campground Cinema Project

Installing a projector in a campground not far from Ottawa. The campground will open to the public the summer of 2010. The projection equipment was donated by Paul Gordon and John Yemen.


Century CC 35mm projector (double shutter)
Lamphouse 1000 watt Xenon
Cinema Processor Dolby CP50 with with Dolby Stereo A and subwoofer/surround cards
Speakers old 70's Trayors 100 watts 8ohms from Spaceman sound
Pulldown Drapper screen 10 by 10ft donated by SAW Video
Half height audio rack donated by SAW Video
Amps: Altec and Samson
Citation 14oz popcorn machine

The single projector will be setup for 6000ft reels, so a feature film will have one intermission. Check back in the summer for the campgrounds film schedule.

The Lost Dominion Screening Collective is planning a 80's Horror and Fantasy Festival on 35mm film starting in the summer


Date Codes

So you have a old film print but need to find out what date it was made... try this chart