The Film Prayer

Found stuck to the inside lid of a film can from Crawley Films Limited


Restoration Project: RAMBLED

A frame grab from "Rambled" 1998, 16mm, 50 minutes, Directed by Paul Gordon

The film "Rambled" produced in 1997/98 as a fourth year film project at Ryerson University is going to be restored. The original A B rolls have been found as well as the final mag track mix and original 1/4" sound recordings. The original score has also been discovered on DAT and 4 track cassette recorded by Ryan Greenacre, Allan Bradley, and John Yemen. The plan is to optically blow up the negs to 35mm. Also all the out takes have been discovered including a number of long single take scenes that were cut out of the original answer print.

The film was shot on 16mm Kodak PXN with a Arri BL and a Bolex. The 50 minute narrative was shot on location in Toronto, Ontario during the fall of 1997 and winter of 1998. The budget was roughly $6000.00. One release print was made that was later damaged during a screening at the Royal Theatre in Toronto. Check back for more details on the restoration project.