Campground Projection Experiment

Raven's Knoll Aug. 2010

Ravens Knoll's Beautiful timber frame stage.

Adam hooks in the sound!

Century CC 35mm projector with a 16mm beer can lamp house as a stop gap solution until we get the proper 1000watt XENON hooked up.  It was little under light but worked.


Incident at Smiths Falls now online!

On a weekend in July of 1993, 5 high school kids set off on a trip to a buddys cottage just outside of the small Ontario town of Smiths Falls. After a night of binge drinking and nerdy card games the youths must drive into town in search of water. Their quest for a hangover cure gets them involved in a attempted bank robbery and a run in with the Smiths Falls Police. Based on true incitement in which many of the filmmakers of this short were involved. Shot on Super 8 film and HD (HVX200 P2), Directed by Paul Gordon, 18mins


New Short Film Plays March 20th

Short Cuts and Pathways
By Paul Gordon, Super 8 film, 7.20mins, 2010
"Across between a H.P. Lovecraft short story and a Bill Mason canoeing film"

The short premieres at the IFCO Film Gala on March 20th at 7pm at the Library and Archives theatre on 395 Wellington St., Ottawa.


Soon on DVD!

Coming early in the new year to DVD:

Baghdad or Bust with lots of extras (Now for sale here)
Rambled with The Incident at Smiths Falls
The complete DUMP TALK series
and a Mash Up of Yellowknife era shorts

Check back for more details


Canadian Cult Revue Film Series March 2010

Quickbeam Films is one of the co-presenters, for more on the series go here


The Feature Windchill Scouting Photos

Back in 2001 when living in Yellowknife I started writing a feature film script called Windchill. Anyway a 45 page draft was completed, but it was later put on the back burner as I left for the Middle East to shoot the feature doc Baghdad or Bust (Winner of The best documentary at the Whistler film festival in 2003).

Its 2009 and Windchill is back on! A final script will be completed by the end of 2009 and we hope to shoot the feature in the spring of 2011.

Here are some scouting photos taken in 2004 of locations in and around Yellowknife, Northwest Territories.


Recycle, Reuse, Renew! Club SAW's Booth

Did you know that Club SAW (part of SAW Gallery) can project 35mm film. Thanks to some donations of equipment and lots of free volunteer work it has been up and running for over a year now. The projector has been used for Saturday Night Sinema, Cafe Ex and other independent works.

The Club SAW Projection Booth:

Thanks go out to Paul Gordon, John Yemen, Chris Green, Markus Lemm, ET and Stefan St. Laurent for all their help setting up the projectors and getting the space in order. We also thank SAW Video for letting us use their storage space, SAW Gallery for helping with the renovations, IFCO for letting us use a rewind table, Quickbeam films for donating hand rewinds, amps, audio rack, speaker wire and the Dolby processor, and the Bytowne Cinema for donating a booth monitor amp and a scope lens.


Super Simplex 35mm projector
4-Star RCA sound head
ORC 1000 watt Xenon Lamphouse
Dolby Stereo Processor CP55 with a SR/A card
Altec power amps
Altec Booth Monitor
90mm 1.85 lens, 150mm Scope backing lens with B & L Anamorphic, and a 1.37 lens
6000ft or 2000ft reels

The next step is to get Club SAW wired for 5.1 sound.. or at least 4.1 Dolby SR sound. We need the following speakers: Centre channel, Subwoofer and 4 Surround speakers.